Quick Meals from The Curry House

30% discount on paperback from Lulu

You can buy Quick Meals from The Curry House either as a paperback book or as a downloadable Digital Edition in PDF format. If you're not sure which version to buy, then go here to see a comparison of features.

PLEASE NOTE:  you do not get access to the Digital Edition if you buy the Paperback Book and you are not sent the Paperback Book if you subscribe to the Digital Edition. It's one or the other (although you can buy both if you like).

paperback book   digital edition

The book is available direct from the publisher, Lulu, at a 30% discount. Lulu print books in most countries - just scroll to the bottom of Lulu's page and choose your country's shop.

buy Quick Meals from The Curry House on Lulu


The paperback is now available from Amazon in the UK, USA, Germany and France.

buy Quick Meals from The Curry House on Amazon
buy Quick Meals from The Curry House on Amazon


The Digital Edition is downloadable as 10 handy digests in PDF format once you've registered for The Curry House Premium Area.

Download all the digests or just the one that includes the recipe you need at the time. You can always go back later and download the other digests. Your subscription to our Premium Area has no set time limit for downloads (see Licence for details).

You can print a recipe whenever you want to make it and re-print it if the first copy gets a bit messy.

PLEASE NOTE: We are revising the digital edition of the book over the holiday period so it is not available at the moment. The revised edition should be available in early January 2018. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The paperback editon is available as normal.