Quick Meals from The Curry House - compare editions

If you like the sound of the book, which version should you choose? Here's a chart comparing the
two versions:

features paperback book digital edition
printed copy? yes, 205 page paperback book no, print your own from the PDF files
e-book? no, paperback book only yes, downloadable as 10 digests in PDF format
pictures of the recipes? no, only cover pictures - but book purchasers have exclusive access to online photos
(needs registration)
yes, fully illustrated
(in British pounds)
£7.69 on Lulu (=30% discount)
£10.99 on Amazon
(less any Amazon discount)
£10.99 in bookshops
53 recipes
special requirements [optional] Adobe Flash Player to view online photos - iPad users can view photos as PDF files instead Adobe Reader (latest version) to view PDF files
help with the recipes? online question & answer forum
(needs registration)
online question & answer forum
tried and tested recipes?
suitable as a gift? absolutely! no, the Terms of our Licence preclude this
registration required? optional - required if you want to view the online photos of the recipes and use the Q & A forum
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