Digital Edition - Help

Can I give the Digital Edition as a gift?

The Digital Edition is not suitable as a gift. The purchaser personally accepts our Licence and confirms they have successfully downloaded our Test file. The purchaser cannot accept our Licence on someone else's behalf. We always recommend the paperback edition if you want to buy the book as a gift.

I clicked on the "TEST" link but I got a blank screen.

The Adobe support site deals with all the common issues concerning the Adobe Reader working under different browsers and different operating systems. I'm afraid we cannot troubleshoot issues with reading the PDFs but this Adobe article should sort you out.

I don't think I've got the Adobe Reader installed on my computer.

That's easily solved. Download the latest version of the Adobe Reader by clicking the logo below and following the instructions. This is also an good solution if you have a old version of the Reader which can cause all sorts of problems.

get Adobe Reader

How do I download the digests?

Once you've registered for the Premium Area you'll be directed to the download page. It looks like this page but there are links to the PDF files that you can click on. When you click on a link, the Digest will be displayed by the Adobe Reader within your browser. Then you can use the Adobe Reader's save button to save the PDF on your computer for offline reading in the future (do not use your browser's save button). Remember to save all the digests and the index in the same folder.

What's the best way to print the PDFs?

Do not print the PDF by clicking your browser's print button. Always print your PDFs by using the print button within the Adobe Reader. That way, the file will print exactly how it was intended to print. If you only want to print one recipe from a digest just choose the pages you want to print in the Reader's print dialogue box.

Can I save a digest without viewing it first?

Yes indeed, you can try this out on the "TEST" link opposite. You can download a digest without viewing it by doing right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac OS) on the link to the digest. Choose the appropriate save or download option. The options vary depending on your browser - examples are (Internet Explorer) Save Target As; (Firefox) Save Link As; (Safari) Download Linked File. Remember to save all the digests and the Index in the same folder or the links from the Digest Index will not work.

Why is the Digital Edition in PDF format rather than some other e-book format?

PDF's can be read on virtually any computer, tablet or handheld device running under most operating systems. If we used a proprietary format (e.g. Kindle, iBooks) only people with that specific e-book reader would be able to view the book.

Is there going to be a Kindle/iBooks/some other e-book edition?

Not in the foreseeable future. I just don't have the resources to create different editions in different formats. Creating the Digital Edition in addition to the Paperback Edition took me long enough!

Why does the Digital Edition come as 10 digests rather than one e-book file?

Because we reckon that most people will find it quicker to download and easier to use. Most people dip in and out of cookery books; they don't read them from beginning to end like a novel. You don't have to go through a marathon downloading session the moment you've signed up for the book. You can access your account in The Curry House Premium Area whenever you want. So you could download one digest straight away if you wanted to cook a particular recipe and another in a couple of weeks time. There is no set time limit for downloading from your Premium Area account (see Licence for details) so your copy of the book will still be there on our Cloud server. This facility is also very handy if you lose your handheld device or if your computer's hard drive crashes.

Can I post the recipes to Facebook/my blog/my website/etc, etc?

No. The recipes and the book are copyright. It took hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of work for me to create the recipes, test them and write them up. If you would like to recommend the book to your friends so they can buy a copy I would be very grateful and I'd be delighted if you followed @CurryCookbook on Twitter. But please don't give away my work. The Licence you agree to when you register strictly prohibits sharing any part of the book.

Can I share my Premium Area account with my friends or relatives?

No. Your Premium Area account is taken out in your name and the Licence you agree to when you register strictly prohibits sharing your account. Now, clearly, we aren't talking here about one or two people in the same household using the Premium Area together. But if you share your account more widely you are breaking the terms of your Licence. If our subscription software identifies suspicious activity on an account, for example - multiple logins or logins from multiple IP addresses, the account will be suspended and the account holder contacted.